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Tittle of the Article: Mars….Dead or Alive?

Author: Geoffrey A. Landis

Why I choose this article:

Because I’m interesting with the science article. I think if the Mars really alive we can move to Mars if the Earth not a good place for us in the next time. I think it also enrich my knowledge about the space world.

The five sentence about the article:

1. The Mars that Marine’s cameras revealed was created desert with an atmosphere so thin that it wa barely more than a vacuum
2. Mariner spacecraft found that Mars was not so much like Earth after all
3. The Mariner speculate the Mars is cold and dry because billions of years ago, Mars had much thicker atmosphere which made ot warmer than it is now
4. Further evidence supporting the theory that Mars once had water recently came from the Mars Global Surveyor. If Mars once had liquid water, it might once have support life as well
5. If there is underground water on Mars, it is possible that there are forms of bacteria living in this springs

Writer message:

I think the aricle purpose to infom us what are the astronout found in the Mars such the primitive life(bacteria). They found the water that speculate there are the primitive life in there.

My comment’s review:

In one side I think I choose 50:50 to assume that the news are certain or not. I just can answer it because many thing are in the Mars. First, I think Mars maybe impossible for human to live there and stay. If Mars have an water supply or potential water like the description in the text it will be possible for human to take a life there. But in fact, Mars is col, dry, very thin atmosphere, no oxygen and surface is flooded with the ultraviolet light. Even more that ultralights can kills the bacterias. We can imagine how cold/how hot the planet it is. Is it still the posibblity for us to take life there? I think we can assume for answering “NO.”

Some days maybe Mars can be hotter than now because I think the sun activity increase year by year. It provide that the sun occur the sun rain affair. But, in the other side I assume the life of bacteria in primitive ways in this planet can happen. Because bacterias can be resistant with the hot. There is a some bacteria that can still alive in the extreme condition. I think it can be happen because according to the astrounout that believe the substantional water in the ocean in the Mars(imagine) that can make the primitive ways of the bacteria to live.
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