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Tittle of the Article: Learning the Hard Way

Author: Maggie Tajakin

Why I choose this article:

Because I think we must care about our country especially in education. I think still many civil in our country still can get the better life. One of them with the good education because education is the root of the all things. It can make human more credible in the life, more critical, more clever, and more uncomplicated step their life.

The five sentence about the article:

1. In a perfect world, each person would have unlimited acces to education and school would have adequate finding and provisions from the government
2. While having a degree under one’s belt is no guarantee of a better life, the doors is often firmly shut to job seekers who lack either prerequisites or the connection (or both)
3. Srilanka a country that has endured a devasting decades of civil wars still beats Indonesia on the education(it shows the education in Indonesia still unworthy). It shows that there are University graduate still can’t improve their live even more their live worst than before
4. Not all of use can adopt the Western Curriculum because we lack the manpower as well as funding
5. The all of people including in achieving good life and good education must play an active role
6. Education is complex, because it cuts accros the board and everyone is a part of it

Writer message:

To show how bad our education system now. And it impact to other aspects. It no always can improve the life to be better moreover make the people get the negative side. The writer also persuade us to look in the mirror how our education condition. It must be resolve and find the best solustion.

My comment’s review:

I think the education is number one need for human life this. Education could make the human re credible, educate, competent, and also a rational person. I think as same as the writer that claimed Indonesian’s education still far from our hope. Moreover our education defeated by Si Lanka that just a country that has endured a devasting building decades of civil war and which visiting Indonesia are quick to point out doesn’t boast the big bulding development of their homeland.

I think if all people in Indonesia get the better education, they can get better lifeBut what happen contras in the passage just depend on their motivation to success or not. I think it also because in Indonesia occur many corruption. It impact to many aspect in life. It always give the negative effect include impact to our education. The education in Indonesia now commercialled.So, if the good education reached by all of people in Indonesia, this country maybe will be a strong country with have credible and high skill person in human resources development.

I think we can start from the small thing because it can be a big thing. We can accredite credible person to be the teacher to teach better. If the lecture is not good how their student also can be a god successor in education too. We can restructurate the lecture to be more compatible.
And the last,I think we must adding the emotional spiritual intelligence curriculum. Not only the mind to be clever but also their emotion to take better life a become a good human for this country the future.
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