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Tittle of the Article: Emotional Intelligence

Author: Paricia Holt

Why I choose this article:
Because I’m interest abut human emotional intelligence. In this time, many eople can’t succes just depend on their intelligence skill only. Emotional show how passion of us. How we can control and solve our problem with the cool brain.

The five sentence about the article:

1. Emotional stability more important than IQ in determining an individual’s succed in life
2. The emotional and social difference between the grab marshmallow preschoolers and their gratification-delaying peers was dramatic
3. The one who had resisted eating marshmallow were clearly more socially competent than other( it show the attention of them to other people)
4. The who ad grabbed marshmallow were more likely to be seen as shying away from social contacs, to be stubborn and indecisive
5. Emotional intelligence can be taught not only in home but also in school

Writer message:
The succed not too depends on the people intelligence skill but their emotional skill that can improve them to be succed.

My comment’s review:

I think the emotional intelligence very important without forgetting the IQ skill. It is nore determine in succed in human life. Many fact in this life that showed the person who had high emotional intelligence got succed than the people who rely on their intelligence skill. I think the person with high emotional intelligence can be more sociable person in the human life.The person who just rely on his ability in cognition and his left brain(because IQ located in the left brain) easier to get upset, frustration , think themselves unworthy because they think if they could optimalize it, they could survive. But in the real life they couldn;t survive. Because they think in the this life they must step with the perfect sense.

More than it, person who rely on IQ skill could easier get strees and depression. For example, the person who worked in the big company. If they couldn’t get high position in it they could get stress and could be out from their job. Difference between the person who had high emotional intelligence they could survive with the any condition in their life because they can control their emotion better. They could be the winner of life because the perfect is relative for them.
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